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I have a confession to make…

I’ve been cheating.

I’ve been cheating on my good, old reliable chum, gin, with a dark, classy, mysterious mistress. In short, dear reader, I am addicted to Espresso Martinis.


That would be two parts vodka and two parts espresso to one part Kahlua, in case you’re wondering. Shaken vigorously over ice. Espresso beans optional.

The last time I ordered one, my friend looked in in mock-horror that I hadn’t ordered something gin-based, which made me wonder, would gin in an Espresso Martini work? My heart says ‘HELL no, you mad woman’, but my head says ‘errrm, remember Hotel Chocolat’s Cocoa Gin?’

Watch this space.

Tasting notes

Calling all chocolate lovers!

I’m often asked “what’s your favourite gin?” and my answer changes all the time. It changes with the days of the week, the mood I’m in, and how much I’ve had to drink the night before.


But then I tried Hotel Chocolat’s Cocoa Gin (42% ABV). A rich, smooth spirit with zesty lemon and sweet chocolate top notes, it has a rich cocoa aftertaste and clean finish. Made with cocoa from Hotel Chocolat’s St Lucian estate, it’s not too heavy on the juniper and has fresh flavours that work really well with a light tonic (I had Fever-Tree) and wedge of lemon to cut through the rich cocoa.

That was more than a week ago and I’m still thinking about it. Definitely my new favourite gin… for now.

Hotel Chocolat Cocoa Gin is priced at £15 per 250ml or £4 per 50ml