Tanqueray Talk

I’ve got Tanqueray on the brain.

Following a (brilliant) London Cocktail Week, where I had Tanqueray Rangpur on Fever-Tree’s G&T Safari, popped into Tanqueray’s 1950s themed pop-up hub, and drank the best gin martini I’ve ever had at The Alchemist (more on that soon), it’s all I can think about.


So I was thrilled to hear that #TanquerayThursdays are back! Visit any of the participating bars on any Thursday evening between now and Christmas, show the barman your #TanquerayThursday tweet, and get two Tanqueray cocktails for the price of one! Superb.

4 replies on “Tanqueray Talk”

It was a pop-up for London Cocktail Week last year. Keep your eyes peeled this year as I’m sure Tanqueray will be doing more fun things! London Cocktail Week runs 5-11 October

Amazing! Will do…Is it held in Kings Cross? Seem to remember a cocktail week happening around there at the same time last year

It was all over London in various venues. This particular one was not too far from Liverpool Street. However, there are usually hubs in Covent Garden and various other places, too!

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