Does The Alchemist make the world’s best Martini? Well, no, probably not. The drink I had wasn’t even called a Martini, for a start, but it was – and I don’t say this lightly – abso-bloody-lutely delicious.

Famed for it’s clever cocktail making and fancy techniques (it’s amazing how thrilled one can be by the novelty factor of dry ice in a drink, don’tcha know?), The Alchemist is a gimmicky cocktail bar. Fun and different, sure, but it’s built a reputation on magic and glamour. I decided to shun the fancy stuff and go for something simple when we visited the London branch of The Alchemist recently.

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Something fancy with dry ice and Chambord

The White Martinez is a heady blend of Hayman’s Old Tom (40%), stirred with lemon bitters, Gancia Bianco Vermouth, and garnished with lemon peel. Delicate citrus flavours lifted the sweetness of the gin and created something pretty special. Given half the chance, I’d have guzzled 12. Highly recommended for something a little lighter on the palette than a regular dry gin Martini with a twist.