I like my gins strong and bold, with lots of juniper, lots of citrus, and clean, fresh, zesty tastes. That’s my go-to, my basic, and exactly what I want from an every day gin and tonic. But every once in a while, something different crops up that makes me question what I know.

Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin (40% ABV) is bold, and it is clean, but it also has lots of spicy, sweet, peppery flavours. Cardamom, cumin and ginger are dominant on the nose and it has a warmth that tingles and lingers on the tongue without an overpowering heat.



The cutest gin miniature ever?

Made with botanicals found on the ancient Spice Route, this Oriental spirit is a London Dry Gin made at England’s oldest gin distillery. I was first introduced to it served warm with ginger ale (I hate ginger ale) and it was delicious; aromatic and spicy and sweet. Since then, I’ve heard of it served with tonic and a slice of ginger or a red chilli. There are so many things about this that I shouldn’t like, but I really, really do. A must-try for those looking for something a bit different.