As part of an article I recently wrote for on the rising trend for flavoured gins, I spoke to several ginsmiths about why they thought the new styles were so popular (side note: you can read the whole thing here). One such maker was James Chase, Marketing Director at the Chase Distillery, whose Pink Grapefruit Gin (40% ABV) was the best-selling at Selfridge’s over the summer. Obviously I had to try it.

The first thing to note about this delightful gin is its scent. If I could bottle it, I’d wear it like a perfume. No, better yet I’d bathe in it, I love it so much. From the moment the cork stopper came out of the bottle with that satisfying rounded pop sound, I was hooked. It’s citrus heavy (obviously), and almost floral. You’d be forgiven for assuming it was fresh grapefruits bottled inside; there’s a distinct lack of alcohol in the smell.

Tried neat, it’s so smooth on the palate, and warming in a way I wasn’t expecting for such a fresh scent. I had it with Fever Tree Indian Tonic Water, which only helped to heighten the grapefruit flavour. There’s a sweetness to the after taste which lingers, and no hint of bitterness like you get with the actual fruit.

So what to pair with this super thirst-quenching gin? Well part of me thinks adding grapefruit might be overkill (unless you want to add bitterness with the peel). If anything, I’d add a couple of juniper berries to heighten the scent and flavour (the juniper, the one thing that makes it a gin, is subtle, but then I’m a huge fan of punchy, juniper-heavy gins).

Williams Pink Grapefruit Gin is available to buy online for £38.