[Gifted] The lovely people at Jüst Gin (pronounced ‘yust’) got in touch recently and asked if I wanted to review their Gin. Truth be told, I’d never heard of it before, but I was intrigued by their story and product, and agreed to write an honest review in exchange for a bottle.

Jüst Gin comes from Borensberg, in Sweden. It’s made with just five botanicals – juniper, almond, grains of paradise, liquorice root, and the Swedish ‘king of herbs’; dill. The botanicals are macerated for a whopping two weeks before distillation, which feels like a seriously long time to not be distilling.

On the nose, there’s a fresh, floral, lemony sweetness (a classic characteristic of dill). The citrus sweetness turns to burnt sugar, and there’s a peppery kick from the juniper throughout.

To taste, there’s a big herbaceous hit of dill, a touch of piney juniper and the slightest tingly heat which melts away into nothing. This is an incredibly smooth Gin – and it surprised me that it’s 41.3% ABV – it’s light and the spirit ‘burn’ is barely there so you’d be forgiven for assuming the alcohol content is less than it actually is.

Over ice, the dill really sings. Delightfully delicate up front and a lovely warming peppery taste at the finish. I’d happily drink this over ice with no mixer – something I usually reserve for liqueurs or really strongly flavoured Gins.

Jüst may be a dill flavoured Gin, but it’s also extremely well-balanced. It’s herbal and fresh, light but it really stands up in a G&T. I tried the signature serve; tonic, ice, and frozen blueberries. Not only does the garnish give the drink a subtle purple hue, but there’s a sweetness and a sharpness from the fruit. I’d never have considered a blueberry garnish, but it works.

I’m a huge citrus fan and my go-to G&T is something super heavy on citrus peels, fruits or coriander seed, but Just Gin is something I keep coming back to time and again. Citrus-heavy it is not, but it’s incredibly more-ish.

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