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You may have noticed the name of this blog has changed. In my eagerness to start working on this project (of sorts), I rushed into something I wasn’t totally comfortable with.

Formerly TheGinPalace.net, I felt this blog deserved a name more befitting of what it really is: an online collection of my drink-related babble, a place that exists only in coding and wires, and not, as was formerly suggested, a physical presence in the real world. Gin palaces are bars and drinking dens of old, and not the musings of an over-eager twenty-something gin fanatic.

So this is what I’ve become; an enthusiast for gin. The Ginthusiast. Find me tweeting all things mother’s ruin at @ginthusiastUK.

Cambridge Wine Merchants


On a recent trip to Cambridge I popped into the Bridge Street branch of Cambridge Wine Merchants in the hope of finding some Cambridge Gin. The Cambridge Distillery, while only small, does supply to the bar of The Varsity Hotel in Cambridge, where I first learned about it. I’m on a mission to find a bottle, but more on that soon.

While the Cambridge Wine Merchants didn’t have any Cambridge Gin, they did have a spectacular array of other brands. In fact, the best part of a floor to ceiling wall was stocked with varieties of gin from all over the world.

Each bottle featured tasting notes, serving suggestions and recommendations from the staff. I’m planning to work my way through them all.