Ginvent Tasting notes

Bath Gin

There are a lot of things I love about Bath; the beautiful architecture, stunning countryside, and abundance of great bars and restaurants. One thing I don’t love is Bath Gin (40% ABV).

Produced above The Canary Bar (a gin bar, obvs), it is a small-batch gin made with Wormwood and Kaffir Lime Leaf, amongst eight other botanicals. On paper, it sounds good, but in reality I was left a little disappointed.

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Bath Gin has a light, fresh, citrus scent. It smells sweet and delicate. So far so good. Tasting it neat and at room temperature, there simply wasn’t enough flavour and I was left wanting more. Those ten botanicals get a bit lost. When mixed with Fever-Tree Indian Tonic, the lemon scent and flavour was gone and there’s an almost bitter aftertaste.

I’m sure Bath Gin is great for tourists, but I’ll be giving it a swerve from now on.

Tasting notes

Gin tasting at The Allium, Bath

Whenever I visit Bath, it’s become customary to stop at the Abbey Hotel’s Allium Brasserie and Art Bar for a G&T.

With a ‘gin of the month’, all the gins you’d expect from a hotel bar, plus several others to boot, there’s always something new to try. Add to that a range of tonics, gin-based cocktails and mixers, and you’ve got yourself a very happy afternoon.


On this occasion, we elected to try five. With a bit of advice from resident gin expert and Bar Manager, Bella, we ended up with Langley’s No. 8 (41.7% ABV) with Fentimans┬átonic (which my mum’s husband has proclaimed his new favourite gin), Gin Mare (42.7% ABV) with Fever-Tree Indian Tonic (which is my mum’s new favourite), Origin – Klanac (47% ABV) with Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic (which is a Croatian gin, and my boyfriend’s new favourite), a No. 3 (46% ABV) and Fever-Tree Indian Tonic, and a 6 O’Clock (43% ABV) and 6 O’Clock tonic to match.

While I’d be hard pushed to pick a favourite, this only goes to show just how varied the gin world is. From a classic gentleman’s gin like Langley’s, to an oh-so-quaffable 6 O’Clock, to the Mediterranean and aromatic Gin Mare, there’s got to be something for everyone.

As for me? I’ll be hunting down some more of the Klanac, with its sweet, soft, fruity notes and grapefruit and basil kick. Delicious.