There are a lot of things I love about Bath; the beautiful architecture, stunning countryside, and abundance of great bars and restaurants. One thing I don’t love is Bath Gin (40% ABV).

Produced above The Canary Bar (a gin bar, obvs), it is a small-batch gin made with Wormwood and Kaffir Lime Leaf, amongst eight other botanicals. On paper, it sounds good, but in reality I was left a little disappointed.

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Bath Gin has a light, fresh, citrus scent. It smells sweet and delicate. So far so good. Tasting it neat and at room temperature, there simply wasn’t enough flavour and I was left wanting more. Those ten botanicals get a bit lost. When mixed with Fever-Tree Indian Tonic, the lemon scent and flavour was gone and there’s an almost bitter aftertaste.

I’m sure Bath Gin is great for tourists, but I’ll be giving it a swerve from now on.