I’d been hankering to try this for a while so, after grabbing the last bottle on the shelf in my local Waitrose, I rushed home for a Sunday afternoon tasting session.

It comes in a heavy based clear bottle with a cork stopper (for which I’m a sucker – there’s just something about that popping sound when you remove the lid that’s oh so satisfying). This gin has a strong citrus smell, although the Earl Grey comes through more in the taste. It has a clean flavour with a slight aniseed after taste. The label on the bottle lists almond as one of the (several) botanicals, and although that doesn’t come through for me in taste or smell, it must add to the smooth, slightly sweet base of the spirit.

With Schweppe’s Indian tonic, there’s a noticeable coriander after taste and it tastes even sweeter. With Fever-Tree Indian tonic, the lemon flavour is dominant. Both work well.

This is a fresh and clean gin with well-balanced flavours. A great all rounder.