Located in London’s Hoxton Square, and boasting over 160 different gins from across the world, the Fever-Tree Ultimate Gin & Tonic Pop Up Bar is a must for any gin lover.

The rules are simple; select a gin from the menu (categorised loosely by flavour) and pair it with one of the many Fever-Tree tonics.

fevertree menu

For those who really want to play barman, G&Tree Flights give you the choice of 4 gins to try with a selection of the tonic waters.

Due to my visit being toward the end of the six week long pop up, the first three gins I wanted to try had run out. Having said that, the barman recommended something he thought I’d like based on my other choices: Dà Mhìle Organic Seaweed Gin (42% ABV).

da mhile

Paired with Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water and garnished with black pepper and mint, it was aromatic, dry, slightly spicy and salty. It’s a clean, fresh taste with a floral scent and punchy, peppery bite.

Infused with fresh seaweed for three weeks, Dà Mhìle is truly unique in flavour.

The second gin of the evening was Foxdenton 48 (48% ABV), again paired with the Indian Tonic. It had a floral, almost perfumed scent, with clean, sweet notes. Recipient of Best in Class at the International Wine and Spirit Competition 2011.


With beautiful decor (and a neon light I’m lusting after), super-friendly staff, and a cracking gin selection my own grandmother would be proud of, the Fever-Tree Ultimate Gin & Tonic Pop Up is well worth a visit; just make sure you get down there before they run out of the good stuff.

The Fever-Tree Ultimate Gin & Tonic Pop Up is open until Friday 26 July.